Edit Speak : Embrace the unknown

By Suma Varughese Dear Reader, Our cover story this month deals with the entrancing topic of the unknown. No seeker can afford to ignore the unknown for it is the domain of all growth and possibility. Unless we are willing to leave our comfort zone and move into the unencountered or the unseen, we can never hope to be more than we are. As one writer eloquently put it: Unless we are willing to let go of what we are, we will never

Befriend the unknown

By Shivi Verma The unknown is the most creative and thrilling space in your life, since it streams from the Divine, urging you to become a co-creator with God, says Shivi Verma Priya Krishan Das, an artist based in Pune, loves travelling. During one of her trips to a vanilla plantation last year, she would go out into the thick foliage late at night to view the fireflies light up the surroundings. The first time she

No motion with emotion

By Suma Varughese Her resolve to never take a major decision based on emotion has made all the difference to her life, says Suma Varughese If there is one thing I overwhelmingly am, it is emotional. Emotions have swung me up and down and round about. Yet through it all, I have hung on to one strong resolve, which is that I would not make any major decision based on emotional reasons. This one factor has made all the difference

Go to sleep

By Saraswati Vasudevan Sleep is one of the biggest casualties of our speeded up and hypersensory lifestyles. Saraswati Vasudevan offers tips from yoga When was the last time you woke up feeling fresh and rested? If you have trouble going to sleep, yoga practice is an excellent therapy. In yoga, sleep (nidra) is an important activity of the mind. When all other activities have ceased and the heavy energy of tamas takes over,


By Jamuna Rangachari When a freak shooting accident made Rajendar Johar a quadriplegic, this one-time occupation therapist rose like a phoenix from the flames of his former life to become a great humanist and social worker, says Jamuna Rangachari There are some people whose purpose in life appears to be to redefine the word impossible for themselves and others. One such is Rajendra Johar. His life is hinged on a supreme irony.

The ultimate victory

By Dada Vaswani On the occasion of Dussehra, Dada JP Vaswani, spiritual head of the Pune-based Sadhu Vaswani Mission, offers us this thought-provoking lesson Within every one of us there are two selves. There is the lower self with which we are familiar. It is what we call the ego self. It is the self of passion and pride. It is the self of lust and hatred and greed. It is the self of selfishness and miserliness. We have