The breath of life

By Shivi Verma Being in sync with her rhythmic breathing makes Shivi Verma feel centred and at home I felt like a misfit in every situation from the very beginning. I internally felt very different from most people, and wondered why others could not be like me or I like them. I often felt an invisible wall between myself and others, and could not comprehend what separated me from them internally. I longed for a place which was

Edit Speak : What to do with feelings

Learning to handle your feelings is a long journey. Most of us are even unaware that there is such a journey until we set foot on the spiritual path. At that stage, we are out of touch with our feelings and it takes a movement into the inner world to recognise them and give them permission to slowly unfurl. Even so, coming to terms with them is yet another matter. To accept our feelings, especially the ones society frowns upon

What to do with feelings

By Suma Varughese As we progress through the spiralling evolution of feelings, we will find our equation with them shaping and shifting as we gradually take charge, says Suma Varughese Many years ago, while I was editing a lifestyle magazine, I had an ebullient young intern called Dennis. One day, Dennis came in to work looking rather wan and forlorn. His girl friend had ditched him, and Dennis was heartbroken.

Right and wrong

By Suma Varughese Her spiritual journey gave Suma Varughese an authentic value system Perhaps one of the most valuable fall-outs of embarking on the spiritual journey is the emergence of an authentic and individual value system, a code of conduct that works for you. Prior to the advent of spirituality into my life, I was a painfully straitlaced girl. I never dared do anything society might look askance at, and so led a limited

Let prana flow

By Saraswati Vasudevan Yoga can restore the flow of blocked prana, says Saraswati Vasudevan Our body runs on the life-giving force called prana that is constantly regenerated. Every moment it expresses itself through the breath and all the functions and activities of the body and mind. Even a single thought cannot escape your mind without the will of the prana. Every living moment, prana is generated and flows through all the

Find your purpose

By Jamuna Rangachari All of us are born with a life purpose. If we keep listening to ourselves intently and ask the universe for help, one fine day we will find our place and our unique gift in this world, says Jamuna Rangachari “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” – Friedrich Nietzsche There is a Mexican saying “Hay gente para todo.” which means “There are