Mind your language

Dear Reader, One of the ways we are ongoingly making or breaking our lives is by what we say. Our words and the space we are coming from when we say them, become our behaviour, harden into habits, and eventually manifest as our destiny. So if we need to see how carefully or carelessly we use words, we only have to look at the destiny we have created for ourselves. Fortunately, what we have made, we can also unmake. By enhancing

Watch your words

By Suma Varughese Not only do words determine our destiny and that of the world, but they also have a tremendous impact on our spiritual growth, says Suma Varughese A spiritual teacher once addressed his congregation on the power of words, pointing out how harsh words could destroy and damage, while gentle words had the power to appease. A young student stood up and deferentially told the master, “Master, it is said that

It's not personal

By Suma Varughese When one stops taking what other people do or say personally, one is no longer in conflict with them, says Suma Varughese Yesterday, I received a valuable learning. It was the day of my writer’s workshop and a friend of mine had signed up pretty much at the last minute, along with a friend of hers. I was happy to have her there, not just because she was a friend, but because it would swell up the number

Total workout

By Saraswathi Vasudevan A good yoga practice must work out every part of your being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, says Saraswathi Vasudevan Yoga is called a Sarvaangasadhana – a practice that impacts every part of the individual. Therefore, a sound asana practice should essentially address all the needs of the body: move all joints, progressively improve flexibility and strength in different parts of the

Chalo Jamva

By Naini Setalvad Gujarati food is predominantly vegetarian, and offers a wide range of flavours with intelligent usage of myriad ingredients that are equally good for health, says Naini Setalvad Being a Gujarati, if there is one statement I have heard a million times, it is ‘Chalo jamva’, which means ‘let’s eat’. The Gujaratis are known the world over for their elaborate cooking, the highlights of

The many-sided truth

By Jamuna Rangachari Understanding that each person has a different perspective and that truth is composed of multiple angles can make our own life richer and more meaningful, says Jamuna Rangachari “There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception” – Aldous Huxley While working as a software professional, there were many occasions when none of the team members