The best of Life Positive

By Suma Vaughese Twenty years of Life Positive translates into 240 issues. With an average of 10 articles per issue that is a mindboggling selection for 2,400 articles that the Life Positive team had to diligently sift through to bring you this distillation of Life Positive’s best. Although we could not accommodate more than a fraction of the treasure trove in our archives, the following pages will showcase some of the

Wedded to the job

year with Life Positive, her eyes grew round with astonishment. “My goodness,” she said, “that is longer than most marriages last!” True, indeed. In these days of job rotation, whoever stays on with the same job beyond two or three years, except if you happen to work in a government job and are biding time for that

The Gentleman Gangster

Gregory Roberts, author of Shantaram, and a poet-writer turned Mumbai gangster, talks to Suma Varughese about how he found redemption Roberts was a respectable poet and writer until the time when he lost his daughter in a custody case. The anguish of the loss sent him into heroin addiction, to support which he became an armed robber. Finally, indicted and condemned to a high-security jail, he made a sensational escape,

Endless love, selfless service

In this age of cynicism and fragmentation, one woman has mesmerised the world with her potent message of active loving and giving, says Prabhath P. Meet Amma. What is the secret of her magnetic attraction and power? According to Amma or Mata Amritanandamayi, it is ‘pure, selfless love’. Different people experience Amma according to their own levels of evolution. For some she is the fountain of ultimate

Cure your cancer

Cancer can be cured if you are willing to try a combination of therapies, work on your mind, adopt an optimistic attitude, and have faith in the Divine, says Shivi Verma What is cancer? Cancer, a disease which used to be a far-fetched idea in people’s mind has become an increasing  reality. While chemotherapy and radiation are the general norm in treating cancer, there exist plenty of alternative ways

Eternity in an hour

Dipankar Das met with the internationally renowned Vietnamese Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh when he came to Delhi At a modest gathering of presspersons and social luminaries in New Delhi, India, Thich Nhat Hanh sits on a slight elevation, a picture of quiet repose in his unobtrusive brown monk’s robes. Questions and answers fly thick and fast. Suddenly, a hand-held bell peals, reminding the participants to