The project of life

We have an unusual cover story this month: Project manage your life. The writer of the piece, my colleague  Jamuna Rangachari, who was herself a project manager with a software company before joining Life Positive, proposes that we treat life itself as a massive project that can be managed using the principles of project management. These principles include having a clearcut goal, finetuning one’s solutions and approach to

Project : Life

By Jamuna Rangachari Jamuna Rangachari proposes that we see life as a giant project that can be managed using the same principles of project management   Before I joined Life Positive I used to work in the field of software as a project manager. The projects and challenges were diverse, but the process we adopted was pretty much the same. I remember a client working for a tools and logistics company who was hard

Change yourself...

By Suma Varughese Change yourself and not the circumstances when things go wrong, says Suma Varughese   One mistake all of us do when caught in a difficult or unpleasant situation, is to bail out of it. If a friendship has run into rough waters, we break the friendship. If our boss at the job is giving us trouble, we change the job. If the marriage is going through friction, we decide to part ways. If our family life is

Of misal and vada pao

By Naini Setalvad While the street food of Maharashtra has travelled far and wide, the healthy and nutritious everyday fare of this region is less known. Naini Setalvad explores   As a child, our kitchen was run by Hira mausi and Gaya ben, one from the Konkan region and another from Vidharbha, and so I became very familiar with Maharashtrian cuisine, especially since I live in Mumbai. One of the most remarkable aspects of the

A sumptuous spiritual banquet

By Punya Srivatsava and Jamuna Rangachari Discourses from five gurus, mini workshops on dance and sound, two panel discussions and a Congress on the rise of alternative medicines all added up to a delectable four days, say Punya Srivastava and Jamuna Rangachari The 20th anniversary hoardings around the venue, India Habitat Centre, announced the lush opulence of the occasion. The entire team of Life Positive –

The shadows in my mind

By Nandini Sarkar Depression can be rooted out through spiritual methods such as prayer, japa, meditation, pranayama and affirmations, says Nandini Sarkar I put down the phone and got ready to visit a friend, whose husband had called in distress. Their handsome young son opened the door and led me in. She was lying on the couch, pale, listless and inert, like a corpse. Her husband informed me she had been like this