Have A Look At These Exceptional Method To Obtain Specifics Of Fitness

A lot of people are having difficulty finding out how to end up in shape, one thing about being fit is that you have to understand what you could and utilize that as much as you may. Should you believe to get involved with form then you're going to have to compromise, so commence learning what you are able and implementing it when you can. To enhance your exercise, consider hitting the gym a bit daily. This is more beneficial than

Unlocking the Mind

We should resolutely work hard on understanding the various characteristics and colors of the mind. By rehearsing regularly everything that we know about the human mind we can unravel its mysteries and we can make it a friendly liege or else it will be a recalcitrant retainer. Through practice we can harness the potential of the mind and thereby unearth the latent Wisdom, Truth, and its inconceivable capacities. The power of the

Destination happiness

There is no bigger game than liberation in the spiritual world. It is the Holy Grail everyone is chasing.This is but natural. After all, who does not want unconditional happiness, or, as the Buddha said, freedom from suffering? When we think about the human condition, and the immense misery that can be the lot of even the fortunate ones on Planet Earth, we can hardly imagine what absolute happiness can be like. What would it be like

A bird in the sky

By Shivi Verma When we realise our true Divine heritage, which is to experience divine freedom, power, joy and bliss, to become a walking, talking expression of the Divine in this body, we have earned our liberation, says Shivi Verma “The world is full of suffering, but it is also full of overcoming it”- Hellen Keller The ultimate goal of human life is to attain liberation from the cycle of birth and

Hello, stranger!

By Suma Varughese Suma Varughese is experiencing the joy of embracing the other without reserve In my head and heart, there have been scores of people I have been prejudiced about, had an issue with, or wrote off. I judged them and found them wanting. Slowly, I have been mentally going over this ledger and asking myself if I could possibly get over the grudge, hurt or prejudice and take back the relationship. This reflection has

The power of truth and purity

By Sister Shivani When someone as wonderful as Sister Shivani of the Brahma Kumaris showers Life Positive with praise, we know we have done something right!   Twenty years ago a divine baby was conceived and named Life Positive. The baby was the creation of two very special souls – Parveen Chopraji and Aditya Ahluwaliaji. Did they know the influence this baby was going to have on millions of lives? Did they realise