Hard times, soft grace

Our cover story this month deals with a subject that can give comfort and hope to all those enduring challenges. We look at the relationship between karma and grace. If all is determined by the iron hand of karma, what is the role that grace plays in our lives? Here is your answer: When karma visits, so does grace. We are never alone with our problems and difficulties. Grace leavens our every challenge by equipping us with the

When karma meets grace

By Punya Srivatsava Even though we may be beset with dire challenges, grace comes to our aid by strengthening us, creating propitious circumstances and sending people and opportunities with which  to overcome it, says Punya Srivastava In the summer of 2003, I contracted typhoid and was down and out for two straight months, missing a valuable chunk of school semester. During those two months, my parents had

The spirit of newness

By Suma Varughese Each time we add an element of newness to our day, we infuse our being with spirit, says Suma Varughese My morning usually starts with cooking for the day. Most of the time, I give in to comfort, convenience and habit, and cook the same old Malayali dishes that are familiar, and which I quite enjoy. However, the best days are those in which I put aside the compelling pull of sameness and try something new. The

Healing hearts, greening fields

By Jamuna Rangachari Jamuna Rangachari meets Tripti Jain and Biplab Ketan Paul whose simple but powerful devise, the Bhungroo, is enabling marginal farmers to store excess water during the monsoon for use in arid summer Biplab Ketan Paul with the women whose lives he transformed. Note the Bhungroo in the hand of the woman on the right That we are experiencing an ecological crisis is an understatement. Yet, most of

The school of nature

By Jamuna Rangachari The Sholai School in Tamil Nadu, founded by Brian Jenkins, a follower of J Krishnamurti, is an example of nurturing children in gentle collaboration with nature,  says Jamuna Rangachari I think we need to build relationships with children. They learn all they need to and more, if given the right atmosphere,” says Mr. Brian Jenkins, a British-born social anthropologist, who is the

The power of love

By Shivi Verma Hinging on the heart’s ability to forget hurts and love the other despite differences is the key to having lasting relationships, says Shivi Verma   Relating to people is not easy.  There was a time when I used to be a soft target for criticism, personal attacks and belittling. And since I had implicit trust in my critics, I tried to get their approval by cultivating the qualities they accused me