Who am I?

By Purnima Coontoor The path of self-enquiry as advocated by Ramana Maharshi is the classic jnana route to enlightenment. Purnima Coontoor offers an experiential understanding of the concept A couple of weeks ago I met up with my school buddies to spend a delightful afternoon rich with shared memories, inane banter, and inside jokes. We particularly recalled a school play the entire class had put up, not in school

Deeper and deeper

By Suma Varughese Going deeper and deeper into her thoughts, feelings and physical sensations is bringing Suma Varughese to a state of greater equanamity Even though I was pretty much in a state of freedom during my awakening more than 20 years ago, my return journey, which is taking its own time, is unfolding in ways that are totally unexpected. Of late, I appear to have made a shift in my stance, which was brought about one

Exit the 'I'

By Suma Varughese Compliments of the season. This is the month the country will be celebrating both Dassehra and Diwali, two of the biggest festivals on the Hindu calendar, and which constitute the high point of the festive season. Celebration is in the air as families get into high gear to prepare for the events ahead. With all the stresses and challenges life throws us, we still get these precious moments to savour the joy


By Saraswathi Vasudevan Saraswathi Vasudevan reiterates the importance of breath in asana Somehow, breathing in asana practice has been relegated to the background because of the excessive focus on the body and movements! How to breathe is very important in order to make the practice more efficient and effective! And when we learn how to breathe deeper and fuller, we can also make our pranayama practice more efficient! We

Run, Roshni, run!

Read Roshni Rai’s inspiring and invigorating tale of how she became one of the country’s handful of ultra marathon runners despite not having been an athlete in school Roshni Rai is an advocate, ultra marathon runner, author and the founder of ‘Run with Roshni Foundation’. She is the Goodwill Ambassador of Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon from India. My name is Roshni Rai. I come from a small

Righteous living

By Shivi Verma Good parenting is the cornerstone of raising a conscientious next generation, says Shivi Verma   I am often asked (especially by LP readers) how I can write with so much wisdom even though I am quite young. And this puts me at a loss for words. I know I am an old soul, and somebody told me recently that I have spent a few lifetimes doing sadhanas, so some of it can be explained from that angle. But this