The Lightness Of Living

By Suma Varughese Welcome to yet another issue of Life Positive. For most of us, life is effortful. We struggle and strive from morning to night to keep up with our duties and responsibilities, to achieve the success we desire, or the dreams we yearn to accomplish. For those on the spiritual path, though, life gets increasingly effortless because we are in sync with the Universe. We do this by abiding with its

Effortless Living

By Shivi Verma Instead of fighting against the tide, it is possible to ride the high wave of effortlessness, spontaneity and joy, says Shivi Verma When we were children, life gushed through us like a young mountain river, dancing, frolicking, and cavorting her way down the rocky hills. We sprang out of bed at daybreak, spent the day in tireless activities, and had to be coerced to go to sleep at night by our

Embracing The Other

By Suma Varughese Dropping judgements enables you to receive the other wholly, says  Suma Varughese Although I would not call myself unduly judgemental, the judging mind has always passed a commentary on everyone and everything, dividing people and events into either what pleased me or what displeased me.It is an absolute exercise in humility to watch yourself evaluate, dismiss or endorse as if you yourself were a

Renaissance on Radio

By Jamuna Rangachari Jamuna Rangachari interviews Brenda Michaels who hosts a popular radio talk show, Conscious Talk, along with her partner Rob Spears, on healing, awareness and the New Age One of my friends recently told me about Conscious Talk, a radio talk show hosted by Rob Spears and Brenda Michaels. Rob was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and given about one year to live (which was 40 years ago) and

Healing or Harming?

By Punya Srivastava The malady of overdiagnosis is creating more diseases and trauma than actual ailments themselves, says Punya Srivastava "For a man with a hammer in the hand and wanting to use it, everything here looks like a nail needing hammering." - Mark Twain I felt the same about the neuro-specialist at a reputed private hospital who I had consulted a few months back for a constant headache that lasted

A Noble Venture

Om Swami, a mystic and non traditional monk who is author of the book, If Truth be Told, extols Life Positive’s commitment to its mission to bring about a better world About the author : “Om Swami is a mystic, non-traditional monk who has authored several books. He is the head of Sri Badrika Ashram Cum Charitable and Social Welfare Society, a non-profit organisation, in Solan, Himachal