Soul saviours

Children can be our biggest teachers, even sometimes our saviours. Their unconditional love, innocence and dependency not just cause us to reach out for the best in us, but can teach us our biggest lessons, says Radha R Biswas Mamlu Chatterjee with her daughter Kiki In Silas Marner, the 19th century classic by George Eliot, a curmudgeonly, miserly man, Silas Marner, who has withdrawn from society and

The wounded winner

By Suma Varughese We are now in the last month of the year. How satisfying to look back at a year well lived. A year of progress, of change dealt with well. Of new beginnings. Perhaps a few ends. Some new friends, some  memorable achievements, some stumbles, some triumphs. A year of deep down satisfaction, of having lived each moment deeply, of having given as much as you could, having loved as fiercely as you could, having

Being a space

By Suma Varughese When you can be an accepting and allowing space, there is nothing else needed for the other to shift and transform, says Suma Varughese One of the best ways to support the other is to simply be a space that is peaceful and spacious, accepting and allowing. In that space, people flourish and grow, are nurtured and nourished, get healed and empowered. I first understood this in 2006 when I had gone down to the

The hurt hero's journey

By Punya Srivatsava Many, even outstanding achievers, have been driven by past hurts and slights. to prove themselves or avenge themselves against detractors. Punya Srivastava traces the trajectory of their journey and how they eventually return to wholeness.  “Some people take disappointment and let it destroy them. Others take disappointment and let it drive them. And, you get to choose.”–

A warrior's world

By Jamuna Rangachari Shrikant Bolla’s grit shows us that nothing can deter us from pursuing what we truly want, disabilities notwithstanding. And that this strength of spirit always draws support from the Universe, says Jamuna Rangachari Twenty four years ago, when Srikant was born, neighbours in the village suggested that his parents smother him to death, since he was blind by birth. They felt he would be a

The enlightened teacher

By Pulkit Sharma By focussing on the spark of divinity in each child, and refusing to take their shadow selves for the truth, a skilled teacher can draw out the best in each child, says Pulkit Sharma  It is every teacher’s nightmare. While she strives to teach her class the basics  of grammar, except for an earnest few in the front seats, she has lost the attention of the class, many of who are