Find your passion

Dear reader, May the New Year unfold untold blessings upon you. Happy New Year! Our cover story deals with an apt subject to kick off the year with: The power of passion. Passion generates energy and energy enhances our life force. The more our life force, the more intensely we will live. The more we will pour ourselves into each moment, and the more we will draw from each moment. Our laughter will be more exuberant, our love

Fuel your flame!

Passion is the petrol that keeps the engine of your life running. Its powerful energy is the secret behind success, achievement, and a joyous life. Suma Varughese explores how to achieve and retain this eminently desirable quality In March 2012, I went for a holiday to Kashmir, with two of my close friends, Harvinder Kaur and GL Sampoorna. We stayed with another close friend, Chitra Jha, one of Life Positive’s

Thank you, God

When you stop pining for the pleasant and resisting the unpleasant, conflict ceases and gratitude gushes, says Suma Varughese The root of all inner conflict is pushing away something and wanting to pull in something else. We push away ill health and pine for health. Push away sadness and pine for happiness. Push away thoughts and yearn for silence. Push away judgements and yearn for unconditional acceptance. Push away anger and

United we stand

My friend of 25 years, Uday, was detected with cancer four years ago. Around the same time his wife lost her eyesight owing to a serious medical issue. Their son, unable to handle the situation, left the house, leaving the whole responsibility on their daughter who did her best to support her parents. I knew Uday as a dynamic personality from a suburban middle class family who had single-handedly established his own enterprise. A

Receive in abundance

By Saraswathi Vasudevan In the third of her series on right breathing, Saraswathi Vasudevan imparts the secrets of good inhalation In normal breathing inhalation is an active process. When we are stressed out, we almost always breathe in from the upper chest, and the breath is shallow and sharp. You might even be holding your breath a lot when you are stressed. Neck and shoulder muscles are overstrained because we

Three days with the goddess

Prajnaparamita Padhi writes about the rapturous experience of receiving, enlivening and bidding farewell to Goddess Durga in the attic of an artist devotee and the company of his Bohemian friends Lanes, bylanes and a charming set of old houses are stitched together to form an old architectural panorama. Clothes of daily use strung along timeworn balconies, trucks and autos on bumpy tramways; water overflowing from a