Edit Speak - Holistic Education

Dear reader, Education stands out as the one sector that is critical to the emergence of a New World. A spiritual and holistic approach to education that focuses on building a child’s character, instilling a love for learning, and distilling one’s talents and passions into a custom-made calling, has the potential to transform children, and eventually the world itself. All spiritual teachers understand the vital need

Learning for life

By Punya Srivatsava Can education equip a child to build his character, acquire self-esteem, pursue happiness, and find his perfect calling? Punya Srivastava profiles a few progressive schools pursuing this ideal with passion and dedication Swami Vivekananda, that great Indian philosopher and venerable sanayasi, once said, “Education is the manifestation of perfection already (present) in man.” The

Where the mind is without fear

By Shivi Verma Being held on March 24th-26th at Zorba the Buddha, an exclusive eco-village in the suburbs of New Delhi, the annual Life Positive Fest will once again reconnect you to your purpose, health and happiness, says Shivi Verma Nature is the best conduit of Divinity. With its gentle and soothing whispers, it lulls you into serenity and bliss, helping to connect you with your innermost being. Keeping this in

Where we look affects how we feel

By Anita Vasudeva Brainspotting is a revolutionary healing and therapy tool that greatly benefits those suffering from trauma and emotional wounds, says Anita Vasudeva Where we look affects how we feel,” I was told when I was introduced to Brainspotting. I was immediately curious. And my mind was making the connection. When I am explaining a concept that I am still grappling with, my eyes move and then hold

Safeguarding life

By Suma Varughese The quality of ahimsa is one of the ideals of Indic religions, particularly Jainism, and was crafted into a social and political tool by Mahatma Gandhi. Suma Varughese examines how we can truly become non-violent Dharamdas was a virtuous man who spent all the money his father left him in aiding the sick and the poor. When his money was over, his  beneficiaries deserted him. Dharamdas was

The begging bowl that feeds the world

By Jamuna Rangachari Married at 10 and abandoned by all at 20, Sindhutai Sapkal converted her begging bowl into a cornucopia that brought food, love and shelter to hundreds of abandoned children, says Jamuna Rangachari A hero remains a hero even in the most dire straits. The undying spirit shines through and spreads light even when crushed by challenges, just like flowers emit fragrance and fruits give juice when