Edit speak-Success is who you are

Dear reader, We are now 21. We have emerged triumphant through the turbulent years of youth and now seem destined for the calmer, more relaxed pace of the mature adult. We could never have made it this far without your ardent support and enthusiasm. It is the fuel that has kept us going, and given meaning to our lives. On behalf of all my colleagues, my deepest gratitude to you. May our bond strengthen with every passing

A serene success

What does holistic success mean and how can we attain it? What are the factors that govern it? Suma Varughese explores Despite having pondered deep and long about the factors governing success, I only had an experience of what financial success felt like quite recently, in the early months of 2015 when I decided to hold workshops for writers. I held a trial workshop in February 2015 for four friends and when they

The complete man

Some people wear success so lightly on their sleeves that it never overshadows their humanity. One such person is Aamir Khan, a role model to many as an actor, an activist and ultimately, a complete human being, says Jamuna Rangachari In the world of cinema, there are many film-makers who venture into socially relevant subjects aiming to make us think but fail as they do not capture the imagination of the audience.

The power of goodness

He professes and practises love, compassion and the pursuit of happiness through making others happy. For the Dalai Lama, his life is his message, says Jamuna Rangachari There is the Dalai Lama. And then there are other spiritual masters. Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, is undoubtedly the most popular spiritual guru of our times. His name is synonymous with spiritual values such as love and compassion. Popular

Messiah of the masses

Ever since Baba Ramdev burst upon the scene in 2003, he has taken the country by storm in one area after another, making him nothing less than a phenomenon, says Punya Srivastava It was in the year 2003 that a saffron-clad ascetic with a wiry frame and overflowing black beard sat behind lakhs of TV screens, contorting his lean body into various folds, and jiggling his elastic stomach, while a stunned nation sat gaping

My journey to being a failure

Redefining success made all the difference, says Abhishek Thakore Back then, a long time ago, I was a bright kid. I was ready to jump through the hoops and loops. If there was a biscuit, I’d wag my tail. I scored my marks, got my certificates. I got away with being naughty just because I did well in academics. As head boy for three years, I pranced around with a sash and special privileges (stepping out of class when called,