Edit speak-Awareful living

By Suma Varughese Dear reader, It’s the new buzz word on the block. Mindfulness. Even though it is just another word to explain the increased awareness with which we live when we pursue a spiritual path, the world has seized upon it with great alacrity. The corporate world is particularly receptive to it as is the world of intellectuals and psychologists. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that the term is

Being in the now

By Shivi Verma Mindfulness practises have gripped the interest of individuals, organisations and corporate firms looking for a tool to stay calm, centred, and  stress-free, says Shivi Verma practitioner of mindfulness, Neha Lehl was working as a consultant in a corporate firm. She recalls a particularly trying time she encountered while on the job. She was having a meeting with two leaders of the same

Safeguarding myself

By Suma Varughese Taking responsibility for our happiness and learning to safeguard our self-respect and dignity regardless of what the other does, will free us from their hold One of the biggest battles I have had to wage, and one which is still far from over, is common to most women, especially those with low self-esteem. And that is to free myself of giving my power away to another, to establish my boundaries, and to assert

Trusting life

By Shivi Verma Shivi Verma considers her ability to trust as one of the greatest gifts from God One of the biggest factors that have facilitated my spiritual growth has been my ability to trust. It was something which was a part of me since childhood. My mother says that I used to easily go into the arms of strangers unlike other babies. But while as a child, this trait of mine was a source of joy for my parents, it gave them

Keep small things small

By Deepti Tanna When Deepti Tanna felt wronged and betrayed by someone she had helped, her mother patiently taught her the valuable lesson of responding through her values and not her emotions My first teacher was my grandmother. The second set of teachers was my parents, followed by my school and college teachers. This, I believe, is the case with all of us. We learn most of our life’s lessons from our


By Mamlu Chatterjee Mamlu Chatterjee reflects on all the gifts from her son that have lit up her life Kindling: A Noun - Small things used to light fires. The first one I remember is a necklace, made with paper loops in different colours, painstakingly joined together to be long enough to go around my neck. Made in craft class and carried home carefully in both hands. And the look of sheer joy on his five-year-old