Just who am I and other stories by K Geethanjali

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ISBN : 9788192773780
The universe itself is the greatest fairy tale.
Just Who Am I! and Other Stories follows the adventures of various characters on their journey of discovering their true nature as they negotiate the confusing drama of jealousy, fear, anger, and doubt. But aren’t these emotions the very things that will help the characters find out who they really are?
Get ready to meet Neel, the tiny cat, as his desire to prove that he is more than a tiny black cat takes him on an adventure of a lifetime. Can the beautiful gentle Lily of the valley find eternal spring in the midst of the harsh Himalayan setting? And how can Sparkles ever get the halo she longs for when she is busy giving away all her light? Will Payal ever reach the heights she is destined for if she never ever flaps her wings and attempts to soar?
Let’s enter a world of angels and nature spirits. The result is sheer magic!
About the Author : K Geethanjali is a woman of many talents. A disciple of Mahavatar Babaji, she is a teacher, writer, and healer. K Geethanjali is currently based in Bangalore and has been a regular writer with Life Positive Magazine since past many years.

About the Author

Books Description :
Books Name: Just who am I and other stories
Author of Book: K Geethanjali
ISBN : 9788192773780


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