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Busy schedules are good. They don't leave time for your mind to wander. You stay focused on the task at hand. Meeting deadlines may help you sharpen your skills, but it can take a serious toll on your health. Do not forget to eat a balanced diet while climbing the success ladder.

People say it is lonely at the top; but if you don't eat right, it could also be deadly at the top.

Dump those sparkling crystals of sugar now!

A glitch with a busy life is that it makes you crave carbs and sugar...every now and then...and then some more.

No doubt, it makes you feel full, but it makes you crash faster too. Such foods give your blood sugar a "high" and then let it drop quickly. So, you may feel energized in the beginning, but feel lethargic later. Besides, sugary foods are not nutritious. They are only supposed to give your brain a "kick," but they actually kick your health. So, when you eat a balanced diet, remove sugar.

How to eat a balanced diet when busy

People usually think it is impossible to eat a balanced diet in a busy lifestyle. Not true.

This is an excuse because most of us have become habitual of eating spicy, oily stuff and processed foods. Going healthy requires a change in taste. It does require a degree of determination to stop those sugary cravings and grab something healthy, which may not always agree with your taste buds.

It is okay to indulge in the "sugary sin" once in a while, but making it an everyday habit can be dangerous to health.

Here's what you can do to eat a balanced diet and enjoy your busy life. plus your health:

Fuel up your body with daily requirements:

A balanced diet consists of a proportionate amount of carbs, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fluid intake. It should have an adequate amount of calcium, folic acid, Vitamin A, B Complex, C, D, and E, essential fatty acids, and more.

The best way to fuel up your body with daily nutrition is to eat energy-packed, nutrient-dense foods. You need not fill your stomach every time. Eat light; eat healthily.

Say, you can gobble up a boiled egg. It is easy to digest; it is packed with nutrients. Or you could munch on a handful of nuts. Biting into a vegetable sandwich or egg salad sandwich sans cheese is a good idea too.

Health trick: Fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables. Fill one-fourth with whole grains, and the remaining one-fourth with lean protein. This is the ideal way to give your body its daily requirements without going over the board.

Never skip meals, especially breakfast

Breakfast kickstarts your metabolism. People with an active metabolism stay fitter and find it easier to maintain a healthy weight. If you are not a fan of breakfast, just eat a fruit or a toast or a glass of smoothie. This is enough to ignite the fire in you. They help you eat a balanced diet.

It is imperative to snack or to have a small meal every 3-4 hours for a healthy weight, active metabolism, and stable blood sugar. When all the three things are in place you feel fit and full of energy.

Examples of healthy snacking are an apple, a banana, a bunch of berries, low-fat yogurt with berries or nuts, a boiled egg, a handful of nuts like almonds, walnuts, and peanuts, peanut butter sandwich or veg sandwich with low cheese, and so on.

These are quick-fix meals that give you an energy boost. They hardly require time to prepare. They are better than those packets of biscuits and chips AND they are yummy.

5 Tips to eat a balanced diet every day

1. Plan your meals. This may sound like a task that you wouldn't like doing as you are already busy, but it is worth doing. Do it on weekends. It helps you keep things easier for the whole week. Stock up on healthy snacks so you need not rush at the last minute or fall short of them. One of the reasons why people munch on packaged foods is that they don't have a healthy snack in hand.

HOT TIP: Use your creativity to use leftovers in the kitchen to make tasty dishes for snacking. For example, you can use last night's "chapati" the next morning as a veg roll or egg wrap.

2. Plan your business meetings over luncheons. This will make sure you eat. You could also arrange a luncheon meet at some restaurant. You get some exercise and fresh air as a bonus. In this way, you manage to eat a balanced diet when at work.

3. Avoid munching at your workstation. This is tempting. Sitting at the computer for hours makes you want to chomp continuously. This can make you overeat.

4. Take sips of water while at your desktop. Sometimes, you are just plain thirsty when you feel like eating something. Drink a glass of water. Please avoid soft drinks. They are dehydrating in nature. Besides, they add empty calories - not a good choice for somebody who wants to keep fit.

5. Try to make your life at the workplace interesting. Be creative. This helps you avoid succumbing to emotional eating, which includes munching on "goodies" when bored or moody. You can eat a balanced diet, yet be happy.

Being busy makes life fun and interesting. Good health serves as icing on the cake in a busy lifestyle. It is not as difficult as thought to be. Just a few smart tricks and tips and lo, you are fit to head the path of success!

Health forms the basis of healing. A healthy body paves way for a healthy mind and vice versa. Wish to eat a balanced diet and have a customized diet plan that suits your lifestyle? Just ask: Is there a dietitian near me?

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