Life Positive June 2018

Issue description

LEAD STORY- Power an open mind, an open mind leads to intellectual, emotional ans spiritual transcendence, says Satish Purohit. CLOSE ENCOUNTER- Everything happens in its own time, This is the last interview conducting by Pradip krishanan that Shri Nana Guru, an enlightened master in the tradition of shri Ramana Maharishi had given to any media, electronic or print media, before his mahasamadhi on Dec'29,2017. HEART SPEAK- The red hibiscus, Leela krishanan tells a delightful little story of how a flower, with which she had fearful childhood associations, suddenly and ironically helped her gain inside in to the mystery of universal consciousness. THE YOGIC FORCE- Hatha yoga is more effective in unblocking prana then regular exercises as it works at a subtler level by balancing your nadis, says Charles Shahar. HOW TO BE HAPPY- Pulkit Sharma sheds light on our tendency to dwell on the darker side of life and propose effective ways to overcome this habit. THE BEARER OF HOPE- Anuradha sahu