Life Positive May 2018

Issue description

Lead Story- The Chakra factor, Activate your chakras to enjoy an optimum experience of life say jamuna Rangachari, Close encounter- The dancing devotee, Punya srivastava talk to Kathak guru Dr. Shobna Narayan about her life and the role of spirituality in it. grains Galore- Naini setalved talks about the multitude of ways in which Indian grains are prepared in different parts of the country, along with there pros and cons. Choose to stay fit- by Abhinav m. Forgiveness in bour steps, forgiveness not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve peace by William fergus martin. Teach them young- with the aim of reducing the incidence of human abuse by Rajat soni. Are you the chosen one- know you are one of the chosen few when you realise the need for expanding your consciousness by Sandeep pundit. Magical marriages by Melissa Nazareth. Freedom from betters- Ketaki rajan jayakar.