Life Positive August 2018

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Lead Story - Every child is a Buddha, Deep breathing allows a child to stay rooted in their Buddha nature, says Rajiv Ranjan. Fun and simple - Happiness lies in the simplicity of giving love and appreciating what we have - not in materialistic pursuits by Vidya Murlidhar. I am not the doer - Sri Dwarkanath, in conversation with Pradeep krishanan, Karma and God, influenced by the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharishi. When work is worship - when you work with all your heart and mind, your work acquires a meditative quality and your output becomes extraordinary, says Swami Chaitanya keerti. sexuality: The case for moderation - Chales Shahar explains how judiciously indulging in sex is the key to conserving the vital energy which, when properly channelled, can help one soar to spiritual heights. spiritual Travel - Kamakhya to Kanyakumari by Nandini sarkar. Managing Asperger's syndrome - Rjat soni explains the disorder called Asperger's syndrome and the life coaching methods which help to impr