Life Positive Septemper 2018

Issue description

The September 2018 issue of Life Positive magazine is packed with interesting and informative articles on wide ranging topics. The cover story, 'The complete man', explores the concept of divine masculinity as a counter to the toxic variety of masculinity. Interview with popular mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik on the various aspects of Sri Krishna - The interpreter of mythology. Article 'The taste of life' talks about taking a break from one's frenzied routine to savour life. 'Yogic detoxification' is an article on detoxifying the system before working out. 'Food for the Kapha type' lists appropriate food for Kapha dominant people. Hyderabad-based Pragati group offers resuscitated environment for urban dwellers in the article 'A utopia land'. Article 'A pinch of pessimism' talks about how a bit of pessimism in expectations from relationships will prevent them from turning sour. 'Virtuous living' is an article on adopting noble values that help us sail through life. Health benef