Life Positive October 2018

Issue description

The October 2018 issue of Life Positive magazine carries fresh and invigorating content across diverse genres viz. food, health and fitness, science and spirituality, travel, insight, celebrity interview, and inspirational journey. The cover story – Food therapy – talks about natural foods that have the power to cure various ailments, apart from preventing many others. Smita Jaykar, a renowned name in the field of acting, talks to Life Positive about her spiritual journey.An experiential account of a visit to the scintillating Bosnian pyramids complex promises to spellbind the readers . The writer shares her mystical experience of being at this enigmatic spot. An article on vision therapy, a modality devised by Dr Viram Agarwal, discusses practical ways to heal several vision related ailments. The inspirational story of a little slum kid, Durga, who despite being poverty-stricken, radiates joy, true grit, and confidence finds a pride of place in the issue.