September LP Magazine

Issue description

The September 2019 issue of Life Positive magazine carries curated content across diverse genre on food, psychology, parenting and therapy that will strengthen your emotional, physical and holistic wellness quotient. The lead story, Practice, smile, repeat explains how consistency is one of the important factors that lead to success and provides insights on how to maintain the drive. The close-encounter section features Rivesh Vade, a Nada Yogi, who shares the magic of sound therapy, and how it has transformed the lives of people who practice it. The food article provides some lip- smacking and healthy Upvas recipe, which promises to make fasting a delightful experience. The article, Raising little buddhas, throws light on how introducing meditation to children paves the way for stronger, happier and healthier childhood. Healing melodies is another fascinating article that reveals how music therapy with ragas works as complementary medicine.