Life Positive October 2019

Issue description

The October 2019 issue of Life Positive magazine is a blend of articles on thought-provoking topics. The lead story, the legacy of wisdom, discusses how more than a wealth or property will, a spiritual will can be of greater benefit to our progeny. The close encounter section features Ramachandra Guruji, a Master, who believes that even a tiny spark of awareness has the capacity to turn a wayward person into a saint. The food section covers healthful food for the current days of fun and fasting. A special coverage of the fifth Life Positive International Spiritual Festival in Coimbatore will fascinate you. The article Nirvana through the net talks about how social media has deepened the bond between online seekers and gurus. When mother earth gets stressed is an article that explains the phenomena of geopathic stress and provides tips on how to deal with it.You’ll also find regular columns like banyan tree, book reviews, mandala, and guru speak. Wishing you Happy Dussehra and Diwal