Life Positive Magazine February

Issue description

The February 2020 issue of Life Positive is a collection of wholesome articles that will lead you closer to understanding life. Featuring the lead story The principles of a good life: Dharma, Adharma and Swadharma, the magazine guides the readers about the true meaning of these terms while uncovering the spiritual principles that govern human life. The article, Vegan all the way is a report on a popular vegan travelling company which offers exciting, eco-friendly alternatives to travelling the globe. Anu Mehta reveals how her traumas transformed her into a META-Heath expert of international repute, in the article ME(H)TA morphosis. The new age of anti-ageing maps the life-journey of Dr R K Tuli who believes that it is possible to reverse the ill-effects of ageing through a combination of holistic healing modalities. Read these and many more such life-changing articles in our latest edition.