Life Positive Magazine May 2020

Issue description

With the world grappling with the effects of COVID-19, Life Positive, offers a ray of hope, through its May 2020 edition. The cover story COVID-19: Mother Nature’s Messenger, explores the spiritual significance of the coronavirus pandemic and the lessons it brings to the human race. Dr Chandrasekhara Udupa provides spiritual succour through Vivekananda’s teachings and guidance in the interview, Doctor Divine. The article, Contemplative devotion, talks about the merging path of devotion and knowledge to reach the Divine. Music, laughter, love, and healing is the report of Life Positive ISF 2020 which was a magical mix of eclectic workshops and engaging sessions. Cash in on your Quarantine offers intelligent tips and tricks to utilise your quarantine days fruitfully. Read these and many more articles and enjoy a quality quarantine.