Life Positive Magazine September

Issue description

The September 2020 issue of Life Positive offers you a variety of articles and stories that promise to add value to your life. The lead story, Learning: The elixir of life, affirms that the best way to stay youthful, creative, and realise one’s purpose of life is to continuously learn. Mr Madhavan Nambiar, in the close encounter The bureaucrat yogi, presents yoga as a wisdom tradition in conscious living. Article Managing manipulators takes an incisive look at the machinations of manipulators and tells us how to cope with them. Article Regain your balance with Rolfing talks about the correction of the body tissue imbalances and improved posture through Rolfing. Protected by the Divine is an amusing account of the events leading up to the author’s marriage. Buy your copy to read these and other articles to live better and consciously.