August 2021

Issue description

The August 2021 issue of Life Positive tells us compelling stories of self-reflection, inner-awakening, retreating inwards to the heart, and much more. The lead story, The Covid Classroom is about the Covid tragedy changing our outlook towards the purpose of life, paving the way for the creation of a new and beautiful world. In the close encounter, Sri Anish discusses how a disruptive pandemic is also serving as a medium of opening the inner eye of individuals and engendering the transformation of society. This month’s Heartspeak is an inspiring account of the author’s personal journey during her battle with COVID, and how she willed herself to fight against it, even as she felt consumed by the malady. The issue also contains a detailed article on the holism of Meditation and its soothing effects when practised on a daily basis. Lastly, Rishidev Narendradevji gently advises the seekers on the spiritual path to identify the root cause of their sufferings and heal completely and earn