LP November 2021

Issue description

The November 2021 issue of Life Positive is a marvellous blend of thought-provoking articles, a special report, and an upcoming event guide. The cover story Searching our soul urges the reader to turn inwards and dive within themself to find all solutions to their woes. The Heartspeak, Becoming a human being again talks about the essence of human life which is centred in one’s being and not in doing or becoming anything. The article ISF 2021- A Meeting of hearts gives a sneak peek into the beautiful, magical, lush-green world of a 2-day retreat happening at Zorba the Buddha, being organised by the Life Positive Foundation in November. The article Rich Dad, Spiritual Dad talks about the value of amassing spiritual wealth which gives lasting contentment and peace. Lastly, the wonderful write-up Civility in public discourse earnestly advocates dignity and respect for each human being.