Life Positive January 2022

Issue description

The January 2022 issue of Life Positive is a bouquet of eclectic articles from the body-mind-spirit zone. The interview ‘The miracle man of Homeopathy’ with Dr. Jayesh V Sanghvi establishes that Homeopathy is a progressive and revolutionary medical science, far more advanced and nuanced than conventional medicine. In the research report, Science meets spirituality the transformative power of Maitri ShaktiPravaah (an intense spiritual process) is irrevocably proved through scientific research. Author Charles Sahar touches upon the preciousness of our being and how to be gentle with ourselves in a moving article, called ‘Be gentle with yourself. In the article ‘Tonics for your memory’ Naini Setalvad gives away some doable and adaptable ways to lift the brain fog and improve memory. The article ‘Mother’s bhakti, son’s Shakti’ is a moving account of a mother’ ardent prayers helping her son write his exams and pass with flying colours even as he struggled with typhoi