Life Positive March 2022

Issue description

The March 2022 issue of Life Positive carries many fascinating and thought-provoking articles. The article Say hello to hard feelings talks about uncomfortable and often volatile emotions that threaten to overpower us and submerge us in sorrow and negativity. It talks about the deeper causes of such mood swings and the measures one can take to handle these tumultuous feelings. The article Seek and ye shall find shares the journey of a seeker who found her answers in the deep and patient study of the scriptures. Mira the miracle chronicles the birthing of a baby through spiritual midwifery where the grandmother’s internal dialogue with the new born instilled in her a desire to live. The issue also carries an extremely useful article for youth by H.H. Swami Mukundanandaji on how to choose the right career. So do share it with your adolescent children or grandchildren. They will thank you. These and many other wonderful articles promise to make your month a highly engaging and motiva