May 2022 issue

Issue description

The May 2022 issue of Life Positive is fragrant with aromas of varied flavours of life. The lead story Thank God discusses the turnarounds people have when they adopt the attitude of gratitude in their lives. The close-encounter Spatial Vibes is an interview with ace architect Raman Vig who has learned the language of spaces to imbue his designs with a special fingerprint quality, resonant with the energy of its occupants. The article Insights into infidelity takes a deeper look at the causes that compel partners to cheat on each other, giving readers a grip on their slipping relationships. And the article, Understanding your other half sheds light on the inner world of men and women helping them understand each other better. So without any further ado, make a dash for the latest issue of Life Positive and give your mind its much-needed fodder.