June 2022

Issue description

The June 2022 issue of Life Positive brings you a plethora of insightful and thought-provoking articles. The article Eight steps to enlightenment discusses the deeper essence of yoga which leads the practitioner to freedom and peace. The article The purpose of living, addresses the fundamental question that bogs human beings and gives a meaningful answer. The article, Know how to glow, is a detailed account of a holistic skincare regimen which gives you a permanent glow-up. The article Nurtured by Nature is an elaborate report of the cathartic Healing in the Hills retreat recently held at Ramgarh. The article, A museum of Indian saints, gives an account of a museum in Germany that chronicles the life and works of all Indian saints. The Heartspeak, Am I worthy enough? ponders that true self-worth is best found in one’s natural state of being rather than chasing life goals relentlessly. The article, Let’s be (eco)logical, gives practical advice on how to be a worthy son/daughter of