August 2022

Issue description

The August 2022 issue of Life Positive is a bouquet of many inspiring stories and articles. The lead story, The Circle of Life, talks about the circular economy and it’s sustainable way of solving the mounting waste problem. The close encounter A Mentor to a Million is a insightful interview with Jaya Kishoriji who shares valuable lessons from the scriptures. The Heartspeak, Joy of Missing Out nudges the readers to bask in the now without striving to do something. The article, Money and Happiness urges the readers to spend money wisely rather than accumulating it for everlasting happiness. The article, The Balancing act (part 2) shares practical advise to how take control of one’s life with ease and efficacy. The article, Four stages of creative thinking offers a stepwise guide to the readers to help them tap into their imagination. The food article, It's Teatime Folks explores the health benefits of different herbal teas especially useful in the monsoons. Enjoy the issue!