September 2022

Issue description

The September 2022 issue of Life Positive is a collection of many illuminating articles. The lead story, Hop on the hobby horse urges the reader to keep their creativity and passion alive for a fuller and happier life. The article, Financial emancipation of women offers valuable tips to women on how to become a master of their finances. The article, Listen to your body helps us connect deeply to the signs that the body sends, for us to decipher it’s messages more clearly. The article, Experience effortless transformation describes the serendipitous experience of the author with his Guru which connected him to his divine self. The Balancing Act part-3 gives practical advice to counter the stream of negative thoughts which disturb our peace and give our best to life. The food article, Desi diet rocks, appreciates the nutritional richness of Indian food. To read these and many more such fascinating articles subscribe to the latest issue of Life Positive.