November 2022

Issue description

The November issue of Life Positive is a collection of great ideas and stories. In the Heartspeak, Just Be, the author shares the realisation that ‘we are the awareness itself.’ The close encounter, We Are What We Eat explains that how satvik veganism makes the world a better as well as a more compassionate place. The article, Sowing the Seed talks about the flowering of higher consciousness through a disciplined practice of Mantra Japa. The article, Life lessons from the Gita shows us the relevance of the timeless teachings from the Bhagavad Gita in our daily lives. In the article, Meditation for Beginners the author shares simple ways to meditate easily for a stress-free and happy life. The food article, Chutney Chaska gives some lip-smacking chutney recipes to add ‘zing’ to your meals. The article, Face- to- face with God is an intimate conversation with. Cheryl Dabhi who acts as a go-between people and God. The article, Play win-win discusses methods to create a world wher