December 2022

Issue description

The Life Positive Magazine's December 2022 edition contains a number of perceptive and wisely written pieces worthy that should be treasured and frequently referred to. The lead story, Intent and Karma, illustrates how the universe comes to our help when we have a sincere desire to do something good and how, in the process, we produce positive karma for both ourselves and the rest of the world. The article The Saint Reformer, shows many facets of Sri Ramanuja, who propounded one of the three primary schools of Vedanta, of which most of us are unaware. The piece Hello, I am the Ego illustrates how our ego tricks us into thinking that we are the ones who do things, but when we genuinely search for the doer, it vanishes. The close encounter A Conduit of God's Love illustrates the disciple’s transcendental experience with her guru as she holds Her hand. The author of the article The Balancing Act discusses the importance of spirituality and embracing what can’t be changed. In the food