January 2023

Issue description

The January 2023 issue of Life Positive brings you a plethora of stimulating and delightful articles to read and savour. The lead story Messages From The Body Temple tries to revive the lost art of tuning into the body to receive messages about our mental, physical and emotional well-being. So often the potential of the present moment gets sabotaged by the baggage of the past that a person carries. Learn how to drop them to blossom as an individual in the article Die To The Past. Dandapani, a famous Hindu priest, who symbolises the glory of Vedic India, shares crystal clear methods on how to optimise the abilities of the mind in the article The High Priest of Purposeful Living. The article, A World of Difference takes us on an international food tour through her lip-smacking and nutritious recipes. To enjoy these and other engaging articles subscribe to the e-magazine now.