March 2023

Issue description

The March 2023 issue of Life Positive is an assortment of life-changing articles. The lead story for March Run For Your Life is a treatise on running as a form of mental, physical as well as spiritual activity which can transform your life for the better. The Heartspeak Conversation with Ajay Kalra illuminates the crucial but little known purpose of life – which is being free of thoughts. The article Recipe For The Right Partner explores the best ways to select a spouse for a happy and peaceful married life. The article Eat Healthy For a Healthy Baby, is practical advice on the best nutrient-dense foods for pregnant ladies. The article Bipolar Disorder: The Inner Story takes a deep dive into the disorder- from the one who suffers from it. The article Know Thyself helps readers track their spiritual progress with the final goal of attaining Nirvana. The book extract The path of Patanjali from the book Yoga Sutras Simplified by Vasudev Murthy talks about a soul-searching adventure wi