Life Positive

Issue description

Life Positive’s April 2023 issue makes for engaging and thought-provoking reading. The lead story, Self-discovery through sex explores how we can use sex to consciously become superhumans and enjoy ineffable pleasure not experienced before. The close-encounter Vande Vandana is a touching tale of a young woman’s resurrection from her painful past into a spiritual force to reckon with. The article Bouquet of remedies,is a treatise on Bach Flower therapy, which sheds light on the gentle power of flowers that can heal you of any ailment. The article, Feast without feeling guilty gives you useful tips to stay in shape this wedding season while not missing out on the goodies. The interview The Masters Beckoned chronicles the journey of a young girl who decided to walk in the footsteps of the revered Avadhutas of India. So grab your copy without any more delays!