September 2023 Issue

Issue description

The September issue of Life Positive is meant to buttress your journey of growth, empowerment and Self-discovery. The lead story Express Your True Self urges the reader to embrace their authentic voice and do away with people-pleasing. The close-encounter. Into the Light talks about the innate power of each individual to connect with the Source. The Food column, The Choice is Yours is about healthy alternatives to white sugar that are low on glycemic index and high on nutrients. Heal Naturally in Heritage Havelis is all about the Healing and Arts festival being held in the frescoed city of Ramgarh Shekhawati in October. And the article The Body Keeps the Score is about karma pointing towards unresolved traumas through mysterious aches and pains in the body. So without any further ado get your copy of this exciting new issue of Life Positive.