February 2024 issue

Issue description

The February 2024 issue of Life Positive is a collection of wonderful articles and interviews. The article You Matter touches the sensitive topic of feeling that your existence matters to those around you. The awareness of this issue can prevent many people from falling into the abyss of depression and loneliness. Cultivating dispassion is all about developing a sense of impartial observation of people and things instead of getting affected by the highs and lows of life. The article, Importance of the Spiritual Path is a heartfelt account of the author finding fulfillment and purpose on the path shown by spirituality. We also have four enlightening interviews with Master facilitators viz N K Sharma, Ramandeep Kaur,Hitesh Vashisht and Meetu Sehgal who are holding workshops at the Life Positive International Healing Festival 2024 in New Delhi. So without any further ado get your copy NOW!