Life Positive April 2024 issue

Issue description

The April 2024 issue of Life Positive is the unlikeliest of all previous issues with its central theme focused on the phenomenon of death. The lead story, Death: A Comma in Consciousness gently disentangles the many layers of mourning and discusses the measures that can be taken to ease the pain and come to terms with the loss. A Life of Miracles sheds light on the author’s tryst with her mother’s death after a successful battle with cancer and how she begins to see that her entire life is strewn with miracles. The article Yoga for Mental Health elucidates the positive effect yoga can have on one’s mental and emotional well-being if practiced with a certain approach. The food article, A Cartload of Carbs highlights healthy alternatives to regular carbohydrates such as rice and roti that can be easily incorporated into our diet. So without any further ado get your copy NOW.