Life Positive May 2024 issue

Issue description

Welcome to the May 2024 edition of Life Positive! This month, immerse yourself in stories of transformation, empowerment, and spiritual growth. Dive into Ashish Virmani's collection of 20 spiritual memoirs, filled with stories of ordinary people and spiritual leaders who found enlightenment on their journeys. The article, From Squalor to Splendour: Reviving Puducherry, is an inspiring tale of Kiran Bedi’s victory against odds in her efforts to clean up a dirty city. Discover refreshing summer detox ideas in the article Summer with Setalvad’s Soothies which include tasty treats like cool cucumber boats and, Cous cous Pilaf. Delve into the secrets of living a fulfilling life with insights from Laxmi Nair in the article What Does Living A Good Life Mean? and explore the transformative power of the Gayatri Mantra with Navni Chawla. Meet empowering figures like Sanghamitra Chatterjee, who heals through Kriya Yoga, and Sheetal Agarwal, who brings joy to patients as a medical