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Acupressure for Total Wellness (English Edition)

4.33 out of 5
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Description Acupressure for Total Wellness

Plus a Wealth of Holistic Techniques

Mr Ketan V Shah has emerged as one of India’s most renowned and competent acupressure healers and teachers. His dedication and prowess have come to the rescue of kidney patients, asthma patients, those suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and even cancer patients. The more difficult the case, the more enthusiastically he takes up the challenge. His unassuming nature, formidable knowledge and easy approachability have made him one of the most popular workshop facilitators in the country. Now, in this eagerly awaited work, Mr Shah has laid down years of accumulated knowledge to give you all you need to get well and stay well.

Highlights of the book:

-  A complete guide to the body’s pressure points.
–  How to heal from heart ailments, diabetes and asthma.

-  Successful case studies.

-  Other holistic techniques for healing.

Read this book. It may save your life.


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3 reviews for Acupressure for Total Wellness (English Edition)

  1. 5 out of 5


    This is a high quality edition with very good illustrations.
    The language is precise and pleasing and the instructions are crystal clear.
    The importance of spleen, gall bladder and lymph points has been a revelation which are generally ignored in allopathic approach.
    Several case studies are mentioned.
    The book gives hope to the sick who can literally take health into their own hands !!
    A MUST in everyone’s book-shelf.


  2. 4 out of 5


    A valuable book and a must for everyone…

    This book is a masterpiece. It has been written in a very lucid way and the contents are simply awesome. A health guide at hand which definitely will make a difference by improving the quality of life.

    The world has already seen the side effects of conventional medicines. English medicines are definitely not the cure of any disease. And our body is not made to tolerate these foreign substances. The more natural things we use and the closer we are to the nature, there will be very less need of these conventional medicines.

    Acupressure is the key to a right health along with right food, right sleep, Yoga, Pranayam and lots of water intake.

    Sincere thanks to Mr. Ketan Shah for sharing such a beautiful bundle of knowledge. I want to recommend this book for everyone.

    Certified Buyer from Flipkart – Aswini Sahu

  3. 4 out of 5


    When I first heard of Ketan V shah, I wanted to read his book -Acupressure for total wellness.

    Upon reading the book, I wanted to meet him. I got a chance to meet him in Bangalore recently, as he had very kindly accommodated me in his busy schedule. A wonderful and compassionate human being he is.

    This book deals with acupressure as well as many other healing techniques. Being well versed with some other forms of healing, he has written about the mind body connection at length.

    Mr. Ketan has written about various health problems, how they manifest and their cure.

    The language is simple yet eloquent. Holistic healing has now become very important in today’s world. Combined techniques are being used in healing practices.

    Mind and body are both responsible for any illness to take birth. He has mentioned about the causes and effects of many factors leading to problems.

    The book is divided into various sections. There are basic problems, specific problems, women’s problems and children related problems .He has further broken down each of these sections into parts.

    The illustrations given in the book are clear and handy.

    Having tried out the acupressure as detailed by him on some points myself, I can vouch for them. The headache points work very fast and effectively.

    In my opinion, this book is definitely a collector’s item as its depth , content and language resonate with all age groups . It is simple to follow ,easy to work with and a very effective healing modality.

    Kavita T. Panyam (Kavita Panyam is a psychologist and a healer. She writes for various magazines like Infinithoughts and Womans Era etc)

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