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About the Book:
Angels Speak is the first Indian Oracle book of divine messages and affirmations and Archangel
illustrations, all infused with potent, divine energy to bring extraordinary transformations.
Wisdom, knowledge and above all – love, pour out of this book and is ready to flow into the
lives of all who read and experience it. The book is a powerful source of daily divine guidance, as
well as an oracle book of guidance for specific situations of life that may need to be transcended.
Angels Speak can help you heal and find joy, peace and love within and with everyone and
everything around. It awakens you to stay positive and attract positive energies into your life.


“Being a great follower of Roshani’s accurate Angel messages, when I heard she was writing a book I could not wait to pick it up as I knew it would be a treasure trove. If you are reading these words, then you must pick up this book too as I truly believe the universe brings treasures into our hands. Simply recognize them.”

– Raageshwari Loomba Swaroop

Singer, Actor and Motivational Speaker, London – UK/India

“This is the first book on Oracles that I have seen from India and each word resonates with a sense of strength and divinity. Treat it as good as divine guidance on a daily basis. A must read for every person who is desirous of positive transformations in their life and making it your permanent partner.

– Abha Maryada Banerjee

India’s 1st internationally acclaimed Women Motivational Speaker and Leadership Author

‘Angels Speak’ – This book is like a Prayer Book to me as if angels are actually speaking to me through the book! I am always surprised  that how my  inner thoughts are expressed in words in the book! Affirmations connected to the messages becomes very helpful! Heartfelt Gratitude to Roshni to bring light and sparkle more and more souls!

-Binoxy Parakh – Teacher Trainer, Mumbai

‘Angels Speak’ is an exclusive medium through which the Angels Speak to us! Pointing to the situation that is seemingly bothering us or that we need to shift our attention for transcending it. It also has the wonderful affirmations channelled through our living Angel guide Roshani. It all guides and empowers us to achieve the rightful.
More we seek the guidance more is our life illuminated. Thank you God, Angels and Roshani for this powerful gift. Blessings for all the beautiful Souls in the whole world to be connected to divine guidance through this treasure Pearl from the deep ocean, but that which is abundantly and easily accessible to all.

-Pallavi Chaudhari – Architect, Mumbai

The book ‘Angels Speak’ is a real eye opener. Every single time I have referred to it, I have received an insightful message. It is enlightening and accurate. A must buy for anyone who is seeking spiritual guidance in their lives. I’m really glad I bought it and will definitely be recommending it to all my friends.

-Ferozie Wadia – Entrepreneur, Mumbai

‘Angels Speak’ book works as a guiding tool to connect with the Angels. It not only gives us clarity on deciding things but also gives us messages for our highest good. I have suggested the book to my spiritually inclined friends. Love and light.
-Nandini Issar – Voice Over Artist, Mumbai

Dear Roshani,

Hi. It was fantastic speaking with you and to tell you the truth you don’t know what you did for me. You totally elevated me. I am Additcted to the Angels speak …it’s like a bible, comforter or guide for me which actually speaks to me. Two days ago was very distressed and disturbed regarding many issues and was seeking answers.. All I asked angels please give me an answer…. I had goosebumps reading it as it was so apt and cleared all my doubts. My kids 12 & 10 years (boys) like to read as I want them to be consciously aware of the universe and guiding forces.We have to raise good men. Thank you and you have done a great job by writing this book.

Sunayana Chibba, New Delhi

About The Author:

Roshani Shenazz Nadirshah, was born and raised in Mumbai, India. She was a media and films
professional for 23 years before she embraced her spiritual calling and began her journey towards
what she calls her ‘life purpose’. She is a Wholestic Living Empowerist, a Transformational
Leadership Mentor and a Spiritual Medium. She strives to make people ‘Spiritually Independent’
by taking them through the journey of recognizing their inner potential and unveiling and
embracing their own divinity, and that of others. Roshani is the founder of ‘Sparkling Angels
Wholestic Living and Holistic Healing’ and the ‘Meher Roshani Foundation’ in Mumbai.

And now, Author of Angel Speak – Your Daily Dose of Divine Love which is the first Indian book of Oracle Angel Messages, Affirmations and Channeled Illustrations of 15 Archangels and much more.  Book your copy now.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Angels Speak is not a book I would say. It is a direct hotline between GOD and the ANGELS; to pass on the Divine Messages directly to ‘YOU’. We cannot thank you enough Roshani for establishing this wonderful network. A powerful one too. I get such apt messages everytime I seek their guidance. It is simply awesome. I wish and hope everyone gets to benefit from ANGELS SPEAK filled with the love of our Eternal Beloved God and His fleet of Divinity. The best gift we could ever get from you, Roshani. WE, who are already benefitting from this POWERHOUSE Also get the opportunity to show our gratitude to GOD and the ANGELS by doing a good deed of spreading the word that this amazing medium established by Roshani Exists NOW. We can and must gift a copy of ANGELS SPEAK to everyone instead of the usual materialistic stuff.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Angels Speak.. yes the angels are truly speaking though this book. This book has magnified my faith and endeared them to me. This book is a must read if you want to exprenice miracles and a daily does of positivity.

  3. 5 out of 5


    This book is truly amazing. Every time my husband and I read this book, it gives us lot of encouragement and guidance and positivity. God bless you for bringing this treasure into our lives.

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