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Elixir for Zylake

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Description : Elixir for Zylake

ISBN : 9788192773735
About the Book:
Planet Zylake is in danger. A large toxic cloud sent by neighboring Traxon threatens Zylake’s existence. Who can save the planet ? It is a child who is the chosen One. Who is he ? Can he find the elixir for Zylake to survive ? 
About the Author:

Jamuna Rangachari is the wife of a Naval Officer and the mother of two children. She is a software professional and writer. Her main interests include positive values, spirituality and holistic living.She believes that it is extremely important to promote positive values and principles through stories and tries to do this through her writing. She has authored two books for children. The first book she wrote was One (Rupa & co. 2005), a collection of short stories on all the religious practiced in India and their core principles Her second book was The Magic Liquid (Rupa & co 2005), that was an adventure tale with a sprinkling of values. She has also complied a book of Teaching Stories (Life Positive Publications, 2008) and More Teaching Stories (Life Positive Publications, 2010) from various wisdom traditions for Life Positive.


Jamuna Rangachari uses an adventure story about an alien who comes to earth to save his own planet, to help children realize that we need to save ours. She writes directly to children about rainwater harvesting and other water related issues to help them understand that water is a renewable resource with which we need to renew our relationship.
ROHINI NILEKANI, (Chairperson, Arghyam and Pratham Books, Bestselling author of Stillborn & Uncommon Ground)
This story is one that will grip your imagination as it deals with the ‘here’ and the ‘there’. ‘Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast,’ writes Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland. This book has food for the imagination with the message in the present tense par excellence. Happy Reading!
DR TERRY O’BRIEN, (Educationist and Bestselling author)
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5 reviews for Elixir for Zylake

  1. 4 out of 5


    Jamuna uses an alien as her hero to weave a magical story about rainwater harvesting. Such a beautiful way to teach our children the values of life. Kudos!


  2. 4 out of 5


    Be ready to dive into swimming pool of childhood with this wonderful children fiction. Here is my review of Elixir For Zylake.

  3. 5 out of 5


    First of all Hats off to Jamuna Rangachari ji for producing such a larger than life effort to bring a very sensitive issue on seen through this book. I must say the plot was planned extremely well and the flow of the story was simply amazing. The characters selected and the role defined for them to spread the message of love, care and sacrifice was simply icing on the cake. Although the ultimate objective in the story was to save the planet “Zylake” which was under threat by a toxic cloud, but the events leading to it were even more significant. The time Grasus spent both on Zylake and Earth was full of inspirational events and messages. Valuing your resources including but not limited to water was one of the key take home messages. The lines which to me were the real essence of the whole book were “when the supreme power’s creation is combined with selfless and pure love, it becomes the Elixir of life which has the power to crush all evil completely”. Through child characters Jamuna Rangachari touched on the Importance of saving water by taking some simple but effective measures which really adds to the worth of this book. Extremely good book and Job well done by Jamuna Rangachari….!!!

  4. 4 out of 5


    A charming tale with fantasy interwoven with reality, packed with adventure and intrigue…. young readers are bound to lap up the escapades of Garsus the alien kid with glee. An easy read written in simple language, Elixir for Zylake triggers the imagination of readers, at the same time compels them to introspect, ask questions and be proactive in addressing the single urgent need that the world faces today…. water conservation. The author conveys simple but universal heartwarming values in a non-threatening manner throughout the narrative. The aha moment for me in the book was when the elixir of life turns out to be not just what i imagined it to be…. read this exciting book and find out for yourselves what it could be!

  5. 4 out of 5


    Author Jamuna Rangachari allows the imagination of little ones to soar as she weaves a tale around a planet called Zylake. The planet is in danger when a large toxic cloud is sent by its neighbour Traxon, threatening its very existence. As one begins to wonder who would be the planet’s saviour… enters the chosen one,a child. The big question is, will he be able to find the elixir for Zylake? Then begins the journey to find an answer to the pertinent question through a holistic blend of adventure and life skills.

    Elixir for Zylake attempts to deliver strong messages for children, such as respect fellow human beings, value the
    planet’s resources, besides appreciating the efforts people are making to make human living conditions better. The dire need to save the planet and understand rainwater harvesting and other water related issues, become more effective with an element of adventure combined with simple language that children would be able to relate to.

    – Reviewed by Namrata Gulati, Asst Editor, The Global Times

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