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Harnam Sethi’s Journey to Self Discovery

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Description :

About the Book :

A failure in life, HARNAM SETHI pursues success in order to find happiness. While he dose achieve a semblance of success, happiness eludes him, Tired of success and struck by the angst of existence, he pursues Spirituality in order to find the meaning of life. while he  learns a whole lot of preconceived notions about the truth, the truth eludes him. Tired of spirituality, he gets back to experiencing life as it is.

Unexpectedly love happens and he enters an unbelievable wonderland in time and space. Will I-Iamam’s fragmented life be put together and his spontaneous, joyous, childlike nature be reawakened? Can love do to him what success and spirituality could not? Come discover how a man’s search for happiness and the meaning of life culminates in the most tender love story ever told!

Incisive,  lucid, fast-paced and extremely/ visual. It throws a million questions at you and then manages to answer those questions with elements of truth lurking in every page. The story unravels as your mind blossoms into injinite possibilities.


About the Author :

P.S. Wasu has been a life skills facilitator since 1996.His workshop The Fine Print of Life covers the entire gamut of what it takes to unleash human energy and has won a claim for its ability to spur individuals into transforming themselves. Participants have described it as a gateway to new horizons, a redefining moment, better than the best, and so on.

His first book The Fine Print of life was published in 2oo9.

Format : Paperback

ISBN : 978-81-927737-0-4    

Endorsements :

Incisive, lucid, fast-paced and extremely visual. It throws a million questions at you and then manages to answer those questions with elements of truth lurking in every page. The story unravels as your mind blossoms into infinite possibilities. 

Shomprakash Sinha Roy, Best selling author of The Pink Smoke! 

The book appeals as a simple narrative of a seeker jousting with ideas and dreams until the love in his heart becomes the wind in his sails as Harnam Sethi discovers pleasure and purpose! 
Shammaa Ashok, Educator, Trainer and Coach 

An uplifting book which will stay with you a long time. Harnam’s voyage is as fantastic as it is believable. Wasu is a gifted storymaker.
M.G. Raghuraman, Motivational speaker and Business leader 

Extract from a Book Review

‘Reflection’ may well be the operative description of Wasu’s stream-of-consciousness narrative. So we have young Harnam, the protagonist in the title, going through the process of schooling and part of the way through an engineering college – and winding up after an aborted attempt at suicide – as a restless seeker of truth and wisdom.

T A Balasubramaniam

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5 reviews for Harnam Sethi’s Journey to Self Discovery

  1. 5 out of 5


    I read this book slowly at first but just could not leave it and wanted to know what was going to happen next. Like Harnam my life was faced with many dilemmas and I felt as if I was reading my story. A great book to read..


  2. 4 out of 5


    Amazing book

    Amazing book. Harnam Sethi, the protagonist, leaves an indelible mark on our heart, mind and soul. Deeply disturbing and at the same time deeply satisfying. The last pages of the book describing the love of Harnam and Celina have been been written extremely well.

    Pawan Mishra

  3. 4 out of 5


    Excellent read

    Harnam Sethi’s Journey to self Discovery seems to be a whole new genre. This is perhaps the first ever spiritio-romantic novel. On the one hand it is a story of fulfillment of dreams of a frustrated youth. on the other hand it is spiritual quest for the meaning of life. and lastly it is sensitively written love story of the highest order. Strongly recommended.

    Amarjit Bhatia

  4. 4 out of 5


    Well it will be the first time that I’m writing a review while still reading the book but it’s also rare that I relate to a book the way I have apparently.
    Being a student of class 12 with Science as my subjects, it’s a common thought to want to kill yourself because of poor grades and pressure of expectations. I feel the writer’s got what it takes to strike the right cord when it comes to the youth. Will be writing soon with the entire review in context with book, overwhelmed

    – Shimona Jain

  5. 4 out of 5


    Got a copy of the book from FlipKart yesterday. Read two chapters. The book starts with a suicide attempt. Nice start filled with life philosophy/skills.

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