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Travelling Light

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Description :    Travelling Light

Walking the path of letting go
A compilation by Suma Varughese

Suma Varughese’s columns in Life Positive magazine have always enjoyed an enthusiastic fan following. Unpretentious, vulnerable and honest, they pierce the heart, even as her insights, wisdom and breadth of vision challenge, provoke and inspire. Through her columns she unfolds the vagaries and vicissitudes of a contemporary seeker, strapped in the harness of urban householder life, and yet striving relentlessly for liberation. With the enthusiasm of an explorer, she lays bare for the reader her discoveries on the path, learning to take responsibility, right communication, acceptance, surrender, the art of praying, moving from trying to being, learning to love oneself, the secrets of healing and other aspects of self-transformation. Her dauntless optimism and undying conviction that all life events are opportunities for growth make this book a testament of hope and faith. All those who seek to understand themselves or life will resonate with this book’s gentle wisdom and penetrating clarity.

Praise for the book

“Suma Varughese is an eloquent spokesperson of the heart.”

- Dada JP Vaswani,  spiritual head of Sadhu Vaswani Mission

“Suma Varughese’s collection of her columns from Life Positive magazine will surely be welcomed by admirers across the globe. The first thing I do when my copy of the magazine arrives is to check what Suma Varughese has to say. Her columns are readable, thought-provoking and candid. She is always transparent, and has the rare gift of sharing her ups and downs and pluses and minuses with her readers, without prevarication.”

- Dr Aminuddin Khan,
author of  A Shift in the Wind and  A Right Royal Bastard

Her prose elegant; her style authentic; her words tinged by personal experience touch the heart. Travelling light is an honest account of a fellow traveller’s travails and discoveries; passions and aspirations for herself and for all the world.

- Acharya Samadarshini,
Principal Director, Oneness University

Words are stars ever scintillating in the skies of liberation.
Words are suns self-luminous, their energy sources all within them.
Words are moons whose light cools hearts and illuminate buddhis.
Writers and editors like Suma are repositories of such word stars,
word suns, word moons, releasing them so freely to the world as in this volume. May all saints bless this unique volume.

- Swami Veda Bharati,
A renowned spiritual guide, author, philosopher and poet.

Sumaji’s baggage may be light, but her beautiful book is packed full of understanding, insight, inspiration and true wisdom. She brings her life’s worth of experiences and understandings “ both personal and those gleaned by serving as Life Positive’s editor “ into easy-to-read, compelling and uplifting teachings on a wide variety of subjects pertaining to the human condition and spiritual journey. The book will serve, I am sure, as a map, a guide and a torchlight for many, showing them the way on the path.

- Swami Chidananda,  spiritual head of Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh
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  1. 5 out of 5


    Some books can be opened to any page and read with great interest. Travelling Lighter by Suma Varughese is one of those books. Whether on the bookshelf or by your bedside, you want the comfort of Travelling Lighter at arm’s length. A sequel to her earlier book, Travelling Light, every sentence drips with Suma’s down-to-earth, priceless wisdom. Suma writes from the heart and bares her soul. Magazine editor, daughter, caregiver, sister, friend, citizen of the world, she speaks to you with clarity and purpose, sprinkled with generous compassion. Read more at

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