Return to Roots

May 2014


Detoxing - the Taj wayDetoxing – the Taj way

A weekend replete with rejuvenation and recharging of body-mind-spirit is quite an indulgence for a fast-paced metropolitan like Delhi. However, a weekend getaway hosted by Vivanta Surajkund (Taj group), in association with the Life Positive Foundation and Jiva Spa was one of the most unique and exquisite initiatives taken by the hospitality giant in the wellness circuit. In its inaugural edition on March 22 and 23, ‘Roots – The Craft and Wellness festival’ was a two-day affair of ultimate indulgence for the Vivanta patrons to returns to roots by detoxifying and dropping off all that is superfluous.

The retreat offered sessions on connecting to one’s third chakra, clay therapy, and life coaching. Celebrated writer and mythologist, Devdutt Pattnaik, discoursed on taking life lessons from mythology and the learned rishis who excelled in the art of observing life and gaining wisdom through it. “I help leverage the power of myth in business, management, and life. Myth is our belief in a notion. It is a subjective truth which is later perceived as cultural assumption. Mythology is nothing but stories, symbols and rituals that communicate myth,” he said. Anil Bhatanagar, Life Coach and a well-known face at LP Expos, offered words of wisdom on stress management. He also suggested handy tips to live a stress-free life such as – be a good observer, excel in time management, change your habits and designate some ‘worry time’ in your routine.

Dr. Surinder Katoch, ayurveda physician and yoga master, conducted a session on ‘Eating right, the ayurveda way’ and taught participants how to improve their health status and quality of life by understanding the body-mind constitution. He also talked at length about detoxifying and activating one’s own healing power. ‘Powering the sub-conscious mind’ was another healing session by Dr. NK Sharma. His scientific and myth-breaking research has emboldened the art of leading a blissful life by obeying the Laws of Nature. His presentation revolved around discovering the unlimited power within and mastering one’s mind.

The retreat also boasted of clay therapy by Folk
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