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Yoga for Holistic Health

by Jamuna Rangachari

Yoga is predominantly concerned with maintaining a state of equanimity at all costs. Yoga is a synergy of the body, mind and spirit as yoga always maintains that a calm mind with conscious breathing is extremely important for complete wellness. In Sanskrit, the term '.....     More

Depression and Internal Agony of a Mother

by chaina karmakar

Although each case that we get is unique in nature but this case falls in a special category because it is one of those cases where the client and we didn’t see each other. We handled the complete case through Skype and Whatsapp calls. We always prefer the physical presence of .....     More

Child Psychology

by chaina karmakar

One small observation but important. When one of the child in a group does something extraordinary other children react either in a very cold manner or cannot express anything because of being envious. Here parents can play very important role by guiding them and coaching them. .....     More

Unconscious Parenting : A Child with age of 6 Developed Hypothyroidism

by chaina karmakar

As a healer I always feel before planning a child both the parents should go deeper as raising children is a long term commitment and every one is free to have a child or not to have. With awareness we can raise our children effortlessly and can avert lot of issues which the children dev.....     More

Never Ending Thirst for the quest (Case of Schizophrenia)

by chaina karmakar

Would like to share one more interesting experience while dealing with a case of Schizophrenia(as per the.....     More

Autism: Autism Spectrum or Children with Special Needs

by chaina karmakar

“Whom, Where Do I Belong To”?  “Do you understand me”? “Do you accept me the way i am”?  These children with special needs come to the physical realm (our earth) on a very tough contract. They .....     More