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Ego - An impediment to Happiness

by Ravi Valluri

Narender (name changed) was born into an opulent family and bestowed all the bounties by his indulgent parents. His father was a civil servant, who served the government in various capacities and his mother had the pedigree which the hoi-polloi, the flotsam and jetsam were envious of and wo.....     More

Ignorant and Intelligent people

by Ravi Valluri

Ignorant people often opine that positive affirmations, chanting of evocative mantras and meditations are not efficacious steps to ensure recovery from any problematic situation. “To claim that my body is well or being healed when it is not, is only to tell a lie.....     More

Life should be a precious journey

by Ravi Valluri

Life is something very precious, a divine gift given to us by God or nature. Do humans realise how high –priced is it?  When we wake up in the morning, are we in a tearing hurry to accomplish all the unfulfilled  tasks  of yesterday and or do we   bow down and to.....     More

Students with Fixed and growth mindsets

by Ravi Valluri

Imagine   Wembley football stadium , packed like sardines , a deafening roar ,and  Lionel Messi strides to take a spot kick. The  ball swirls like a parabola and sails into the net to the absolute  delight of thousands of delirious ManU supporters. Messi .....     More

Examination Blues

by Ravi Valluri

Rachel ( name changed) , felt irritable on the denouement day .She felt nauseous, her palms were sweaty , facial muscles  were twitching  and she  was  literally on tenterhooks on her way to appear  for the  12th  standard  math ex.....     More

Matter of the Mind

by Ravi Valluri

My dear friends, what is the difference between PK and PIKU. Two alphabet. I and U. I is us and U are them (an extra-terrestrial Aamir Khan). There; CPU is   cerebral. And our CPU is at the level of abdomen. Or say for vast multitudes the focus is at the abdomen. It would b.....     More